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How to plan for a perfect girls’ getaway!

Ever find yourself tired, uninspired and just need a break from real life?  Me too.  One of the ways I get myself out of this rut is to plan a girls getaway with my girlfriends or my sisters.  It doesn’t have to be big or involve air travel!  It’s about relaxing for a couple days and not worrying about the day to day stresses.  Here is a quick guide on planning your girls trip:

  1.  Look at your calendar.  Choose 2 different dates that work for you.  Chances are higher that your girlfriends can join you on one of those dates.
  2.  Get your girls on the same page!  Initiate the trip!  Send a quick group text message to let them know that you are planning a girls getaway on either date that you chose.  Ask if they have a preference and go with the majority.
  3. Decide on a location.  Want to keep it low-key and drive an hour out of town?  Decide who is driving (usually the person with the biggest car!).  Do you have a little more time and can take a flight?  Try and coordinate flights to sync if you are coming from different areas.
    My tribe: Julie (sister), Andrea (sis-in-law), Richelle (sister) and my mom, Rita. Girls Trip to Los Angeles (January 2018).
  4. Start a private Facebook event for your girls trip.  This way, you can post ideas and travel arrangements so you all have the same info.
  5. Ask each person what top two attractions they definitely want to see.  Then plan around those.  Group them together in location so you can maximize your time during your vacation and plan around them.  Buy a book, read travel blogs or check out Pinterest for ideas on places to visit.
    I found this book at the AWAY store in Austin for our last girls trip to Los Angeles.
  6. Have your own vacation countdown.  Whether it’s on your phone or on your calendar, sometimes the act of counting down to a vacation makes us happy and the time just flies by!
  7. Go!  Have fun!  Relax by the pool or beach!  Go shopping!  Eat good food!  Do something you wouldn’t normally do!  Explore a new city!  Bond with your girlfriends!  After all, that’s what we are here for!  Cultivate those relationships!

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