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I’m back!  From Greece!  Well, actually I got back at the end of October but I’m just now getting around to telling you all about it!  My mom and I had the time of our life!  The flight there was easy enough.  We left Houston in the evening and slept part of the flight.  When we arrived in Athens, we took our shuttle to the hotel where we met most of the other people in the group.  Mom and I ate dinner and went straight to bed.  We were exhausted from the traveling!

Since we went to sleep early, we also woke up early.  Like 4 am early.  And we witnessed our favorite part of the trip, sipping coffee on the rooftop of the hotel and watched the sun rise over Athens.  It was glorious!

We visited the Parthenon in the pouring rain (picture taken right when it started raining!).  It was absolutely magical to visit and bask in the history.

More Greece to come!


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