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So I started a travel blog

Recently I wrote about my worst fear.  Here’s where it ties into this blog: I have a fear of traveling in the car.  I am so nervous that we will get into an accident or worse.  I’m nervous driving to work, driving my kids home from school, driving in the rain.  When I get into the car, I have to say a quick prayer for God to protect us and get us to our destination safely.

So I started a travel blog.  Really?  Why would I do this?

2 reasons.  I need to get over this fear of traveling in the car.  I miss out on adventures because I’m afraid something will happen along the way.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in this fear that I just forget about the awesomeness of the adventure.

I want to venture out!  I want to explore my tiny town of Hutto and Austin!  I want to travel all over the USA!  I want to see the world!  God has created so much beauty  and I want to see it all!  He wants us to see and marvel in His creations!

So we will start small.  Let’s travel locally.  Let’s meet our neighbors, get to know them.  Let’s get out on the road and explore!

Deep in the heart of Hutto


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