I’ve Failed

Many times.  Multiple times.  All the time.

Lately I feel like I can’t stop failing.  Whether it’s with my kids, with my career and even in my blogging, I feel like a failure.  I know deep down in my heart that failure is inevitable in all aspects of life and it only teaches us to be stronger and fight harder.

But this fear of failure has put a pause on my blogging.  I start typing and then…..  nothing.  Just a few sentences and I stop.  I think that my writing is stupid, that no one will read it, and that it’s pointless!

So, I’m getting over it.  I’m just going to start writing again and write about whatever I want to!  So my website may not have a “theme”.  That’s ok!  My life doesn’t have a theme and this blog is about me!

Up next is more about my trip to Greece I took in the Fall.  And my next trip is to New York City with my daughter later this week!  We have a rough plan of what we want to do but we aren’t afraid to be carefree!  I’d like to start writing more about faith and family.  And awesome women in business.  And maybe other topics!

Thanks for staying with me.  Despite my many failures.



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